Riding is a team sport

It’s all about the team. Rider and horse team, handler and horse, teacher and riding student, trainer and shower who have to be a team with each other and each with the horse. Everybody is a part, a part of the daily life of the horse.

Everybody has to work together and if it ends up it’s an amazing result of a balanced and happy team of horses and their people around them.

This picture shows Stefán Birgir Stefánsson and Aldís frá Krossum 1 in competition. She is teamwork of ours. I had the luck of training her also partly this winter and I’m proud to see their success.


PS: Especial pride of mine is that she is actually white, which is one of my fields of expertise in our team. J

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    Herdís (Tuesday, 31 March 2015 14:42)

    Hárrétt hjá þér :)