May I introduce myself?

Born and grown up in Hamburg, Germany horses have been my passion from childhood on. When I was 6 years old my biggest wish came true and my “riding-career” began.

I started on the German riding pony but after a year I discovered the Icelandic horses. There was no going back after that. At the Helenenhof in North-Germany I spent most of my teenage years and was lucky to learn a lot and get an insight on stable management, teaching and horse training.

After finishing my high school education in 2006 I decided to make my passion to my profession. I have a professional education in managing a breeding and pension stable, which I achieved on the Islandpferdehof Vindhólar under the guidance of Einar Hermannsson.

After that very educational time I went for 2,5 month to get to know the origin country of the Icelandic horse, Iceland. There I worked at the Bakkakot breeding farm for Guðmundur Baldvinsson with my focus on training all different types of horses.

After a seemingly far to short time I went to work in the north of Germany for a year at Islandpferdegestüt Eichenhof. I had a great time working and accumulate experience on such a accommodation.
But the island was calling.

In summer of 2009 I got a tempting offer to work in Iceland again. So I moved for indefinite time to Iceland. I worked again at Bakkakot, than for a great year full of experiences with Jón Páll Sveinsson at Hjarðartúni, a training stable and breeding farm. But ambition got hold on me and the next 3 years I spent at Hólar University.

Since May 2014 I am a proud member of the Icelandic trainer association (Félag tamningarmanna FT) and I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Equestrian Studies and Riding Instructions (BS í reiðmennsku og reiðkennslu) from Hólar University.
Between my semesters I worked among others for Jakob Svavar (Kobbi) Sigurðsson at Steinsholt.

Since May 2014 I am working at Litli-Garður for Stefán Birgir Stefánsson, and I’m looking forward to my time here.

My Philosophy

To talk about my philosophy it is maybe good to start with my fascination with the Icelandic horse. For me it combines the perfect balance of energy, elegance, joy and beauty.

These are the trades I’m looking for in my riding, training and teaching. The joy of sitting on such a powerful but friendly animal to have the ability to communicate with it that’s my goal and that’s what I wish to convey.

When it comes to the communication between rider and horse in my opinion it is most important to establish the equal understanding and balance. That is the requirement for the rider to communicate to the horse what he wants and so he can understand what the horse is expressing.