September was travelling time for me. I went for 2 weeks to Germany and met some wonderful people and horses.


I started out with holding a Clinic at Reitschule Nordpferde. That was a great course with the focus on how bending the horse right improves the horse and especially the means on how you communicate with your horse to help him to bend right.


Afterwards I received an e-mail from a participant which gave me so much joy.
In that e-mail she talked about how much my sharing the idea of dressage work as a way of physiotherapy for the horse, supported her thinking. As well as having a lot of new points to take with her. And also a feedback that she felt understood and supported by me.

Thank you so much! Because hearing that I reached you with my teaching is the reason for me of doing it.

Thank you for a nice clinic and until next year. There are two more courses in planning in May and August 2016.

After the nice weekend I went to Mitteltalhof to give some private lessons. That was really interesting and a lot of fun to get to know new Horse-Rider combinations as well as meet people again from the Cursus in May 2015 in Kaufungen.

After that the journey went on to Hamburg to meet with the firm owner of Svarta Reitsport. Svarta Reitsport is an online store selling almost everything and has also its own Saddle-line. I tried this saddle type on all different types of horses in Iceland and I am convinced of that product.

So after a great time in my hometown Hamburg I went back to Iceland to a group of 20 younghorses waiting to be started up.

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    Jule (Thursday, 26 November 2015 15:11)

    Komm doch mal nach Mittelfranken! :)