Ecurie de la Colline Vivante

Next weekend I get to hold a weekend course for the 3rd time this year at a great place in France, called Ecurie de la Collien Vivante.

Here everything comes together that makes a great, interesting and fun course. A beautiful and well maintained riding arena, participants who really want to learn and do the best for their horses and are constantly improving.

My courses always consist out of 5 practical and 2 theoretical lessons. In the practical lessons I try to pick up every horse and rider combination where they are standing in their training phase and build up from that point. That is individually for each and every one.

In the theoretical lessons I try to find one topic that suits all participants in their training and challenge them to think and discuss about how that could concern and help them and their way of training. That can be topics as the correct seat and its influence on the communication with the horse, the different gaits of the Icelandic horse and their mechanic and training ways and more


One of the things that also make it so much fun to go here is that the Ecurie de la Collien Vivante is not just hosting courses for Icelandic horses but also focused on Dressage for all horse races by Sara Oliveira and natural horsemanship with Patrick Allorie. That makes it a fun challenge to combine those ideas and focus them to help with the specialty of the Icelandic horse, its gaits. 

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