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01. May 2018
One topic always turns back in my clinics, that is how to ride a horse forward without riding fast. So what is it about riding slow but forward? Use the forward thinking but don't hold the horse back, but keep it slow. Most of you probably have heard one of those sentences. For me this forward drive is the positive working attitude in a horse. If you have to push every step out of a horse without any initiative from the horse it gets hard to communicate with light aids. Which is the goal after...
27. August 2015
Summer in Iceland is a special time. It's the time of never ending days, nightly ridingtours and it's always fast to go by. It started for me with my mare, Eldbrá frá Litla-Garði going for breeding evaluation. After the winter training she did well and I am the proud owner of a first price mare with 7,78 for building and 8,28 ridingabilities and 8,08 total. Now I'm looking forward to compete on her.